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To Aru Majutsu no Index 01v2

"OMFG WHY ARE THEY v2ing!!!1111"

Yes, I know, it is the end of the world. Everyone run for dear life!

Unless... were actually paying attention to the original releases news thread, then you would know we already stated we would be re-releasing this episode due to certain factors. First, there were some editing errors that made me need to start taking viagra just to make my body twitch (just kidding they were not that awful). Second, we decided to go with the more widely accepted romanization of the title. Both ways are technically correct, we just find it less confusing to go with the general concenses. Third, I may have... slightly... fucked up some staffs credits... *whistling softly to himself.* >.>. Fourth, we forgot to chapter the mkv... cause... well... headless and I decided on who would collect the time indexes when I was drunk, and I was the one choosen to do it so it got... kinda forgotten ^^;;.

Anyways I figured it would be best to actually admit to all the mistakes rather than leave those in the dark who have already obtained the first release. This is so you may decide if it is worth your time/bandwidth/sanity/possibility of ever losing your virginity, to grab the v2.

Thats all I really have to say... We will have lots more index soon~ Trust me . I wouldn't lie to you <3... >.>.

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To Aru Majyutsu no Index ep01 Released!

This is a joint project with Shinsen-Subs, and... ah... Wait... why the hell do I have to update both damn news pages...

Anyways, yeah this show is pretty kick ass imo. So watch it! :D

Updated on 08-10-23 by getfresh

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Mr. Ajikko - 03 Released


More yakita... err Mr. Ajikko fresh from the oven. I hope you all enjoy, and sorry for the wait. I blame global warming and koroshiya for the delay :D


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Need Japanese Translator for New Anime Fansub Project

Hi everyone... here's my yearly post :)! We are currently looking to recruit a Japanese to English translator who can help us with a new anime fansub project that A-E is working on. The anime itself is a sleeper series very similar to Yakitate Japan (Comedy & Food related) and has never been Fansubbed by anyone before. If you're interested in giving us a hand or need more info, please come to #anime-empire @ and message Koroshiya


- Koroshiya

Updated on 08-07-17 by Koroshiya

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Long gone but not forgotten~

This is mainly a little hi to all my fellow A-E staffers and a bit of an update into what I have doing. Read on if you know me or if you are extremely bored ;p.

Updated on 07-05-21 by getfresh

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A little off topic~

Hi everyone, long time no rant... Anyways, I've been caught up in real life, and a mmorpg(yes I'm still a dork) called silkroad online. I am glad to see A-E is still releasing and hope you happy little leeches are enjoying the a-e line up. On another note, recently I came across 3 movies I found quite interesting called "Waking Life", "Forbidden Zone", and "Mar Adentro". I won't do any reviews because lets face it I'm known for my lazy halfassedness. But anyways WATCH THEM THEY ROCK~.

teh freshness

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Gone Too Long...

I disappear for a few da... err... weeks... And yaki is finished and we have released a bunch of capeta. Well I'm glad to see someboady is still alive at AE! *hides*

oh... yeah... what happened to that vampire girl series thing... *hint hint*

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Holy Jesus, what are these damn animals!

LAWL~ news post hijacking herherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherherher

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Since no one has posted anything new in some time I thought it was my duty to say something profound and meaningful...


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Yakitate Japan 51 Released! Happy New Year 2006!!!

Yakitate Japan Episode 51 is now released.

You can grab them directly from our XDCC bots on #anime-empire @ IRC network or on our BT page

Happy New Year 2006!

Updated on 05-12-31 by Koroshiya

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Mr. Ajikko 03

Mr. Ajikko 03

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Mr. Ajikko 03

Mr. Ajikko 03

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Mr. Ajikko 01

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